How do I use the trimmer?

In this text we will demonstrate how to use Audioalter's trimmer to cut out unwanted parts from your song.

Start of by clicking the "Browse Computer" button. A window will appear where you can select the song you want to trim.

Browse computer button

Select the song you want and click "Open". For this example we want to trim our audio file "sampleaudio.mp3".

File selection window

The audio file that you chose will be loaded into the interactive editor and the waveform of the audio file will be shown. The highlighted green area on the waveform shows the part that will be kept. By default the whole audio file is highlighted therefore none of it will be cut out.

Loaded waveform

You can click on the waveform to skip through the audio to determine what part you want to keep. Drag the left handle to the desired starting point and the right handle to the desired ending point. The audio within the green highlighted area will be kept and the rest will be cut out.

Trim selection

When you are satisfied, click the "Trim!" button. You are now done and we will start trimming the file for you.

Trim button

When the trimming process has finished, you can click the "Download file" button to get the trimmed version of your audio file.

Download file button

Check out our trimmer
Last updated: 2019-06-16