What is OOPS? (Out Of Phase Stereo)

OOPS is an acronym for Out Of Phase Stereo and is a technique to filter out certain elements from a stereo track. To create an out of phase stereo effect you must take a stereo track and subtract the right channel from the left channel.

A common usage for the OOPS effect is to remove vocals from songs to create karaoke versions. Most modern songs has it's instruments panned slightly to the left or right channel while the vocals remain dead center. The vocals will therefore often be equally present in both channels while the instrumental will not. When you subtract both channels the vocals will then be cancelled out while the instrumentals will remain. This is due to the fact that subtracting two equal signals with each other will result in silence.

We have used the OOPS effect to create our online vocal remover that you can use without having to recreate the effect by yourself. It takes a stereo audio file as input and returns a twin-mono file where the vocals will not be present. For this to have the desired effect, the input audio file must have it's vocals perfectly centered.

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Last updated: 2019-05-05