Privacy policy

1. Storing IP addresses

When visiting Audioalter, the IP address used to access the site will not be logged or stored by us. The third party advertising networks that we use may however log your IP.

2. Cookies

Cookies are text files stored on your computer. They are only accessible by the websites that create them. We do not store any first party cookies (other than cookies necessary for the site to function properly) when you visit the sites. Cookies from third parties such as advertising networks might however get generated by respective party. If you want to delete or disable cookies please visit and follow the instructions. We use Google Adsense to serve ads based on your visits to this site and/or earlier visits to other sites on the Internet. Google Analytics is used for analytical purposes. Visit Google's privacy policy to see how they may use your personal information. Cloudflare is used for traffic optimization and security. Visit Cloudflare's privacy policy to see how they may use your personal information.

3. Uploaded files

All files uploaded to the site are usually automatically deleted after about 2 hours. All the files generated by the tools are also automatically deleted after about 2 hours. We have no way to recover or restore them from our web server after they have been successfully deleted. We reserve the rights to access or analyse the files for security reasons. In some cases the automatic deletion of the files may fail.

4. Collected information

We respect the privacy of our users and do not store any personal information about our users other than eventual private information that may exist in the files that are uploaded to the service.

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