Your online audio toolkit

A collection of easy-to-use web tools for all your audio files

3D Audio

Enhance the stereo sound by adding a 3D effect to it

8D Audio

Make the audio alternate from left to right

Bass Booster

Boost the bass of a song making it more bass heavy

BPM Detector

Detect the tempo in beats per minute of any song


Convert any audio file to another file format


Adjust the frequencies of your audio

Key Detector

Detect the key that a song is played in

Noise Reducer

Reduce background noise from recordings

Pitch Shifter

Change the pitch of your audio

Reverse Audio

Reverse an audio file and make it play backwards

Spectrogram Image

Create a spectrogram image from an audio file

Stereo Panner

Pan the audio to left or right

Tempo Changer

Make an audio file play faster or slower

Trimmer / Cutter

Cut out a part of your audio file

Vocal Remover

Remove the vocals from a song leaving only the instrumental

Volume Changer

Make your audio louder or quieter

Waveform Image

Create a waveform image from an audio file

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