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Make an audio file play faster or slower

Change speed quick and easy

This is a free web service that allows you to change the tempo of any audio file of your choice while maintaining its pitch. If you feel like a song is too slow for you, you can easily speed it up without changing its key. You can also slow a song down which can be useful if you want to transcribe a song. Slow it down to a comfortable tempo for you and play along with it.

How do I use this tool?

  1. Select an audio file from your computer that you want to change tempo of.
  2. Select how much faster or how much slower you want your audio to be.
  3. Submit to start the tempo changing process
  4. Click the download button to get the modified audio file.

Example of usage

This is an example of an audio file that has had its tempo set to 1.5x with "Preserve pitch" set to true.


How to change the tempo of an audio file online

1Select file

Select an audio file that you want to change the tempo of.

2Set tempo

Drag the slider to set the tempo that the audio track should be played in.

3Download the modified file

Let the file be processed and you can download your modified file right afterwards.

Presets using "Tempo Changer" - Create and extract zip files in your browser

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